One up and many downs

Log Entry for October the 15th 2013

My stay on Calypso was brief, I had a couple of Rextelum hunts, neither of which went well and On Friday evening meet Lizzy who handed over the Weapon Skill Enhancer Blueprints she had kindly purchased for me from auction. I collected from storage what components I had to make  Weapon Skill Enhancers and purchased a little extra on auction before Lizzy and I headed to Pathfinder XXXI docked at Calypso Space Station. Lizzy was carrying and so logged out and I took us to Crystal Palace for a quick Aurli hunt.

This hunt was the Up of the title and got me a nice HoF of 1688PED which put me at number 4 on the table, it was all oils with no item. After I went shopping and found a bargain, this meant I needed to return to Calypso to auction it! Then it was back into the big black and off to Arkadia.

I arrived the next day and have remained there since, Lizzy joined me on the surface to hand over what she was carrying before we went our separate ways. I have tried 6 hunts since and lost quite badly on each one, this visit Arkadia is not being kind to me, I have got myself half way through the Oratan 20K challenge which Wolta tells me she completed today and have almost done the Huon 400. I have also hunted Otorugi and at the weekend with Wolta, Beladoth, Teladon and Oratan.

I have made some Weapon Skill Enhancers as I ran out of level 1. I have also tier upgraded 3 more parts of the Viceroy, only the gloves, feet and shins are below tier 1 now.

I have seen a few skill increase periods, these have not significantly increased the amount of skill I am getting but every little helps and i do try to take advantage of them when they happen.

I’m hoping things will pick up soon.

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