Getting back into the swing

Log Entry for October the 8th 2013

With MA announcing that all was now well with the worlds I stepped up my hunting a little and have not done too badly managing a small profit form 6 hunts (don’t tell MA). However, all is not well, I have experienced several crashes and one disconnect since the announcement was made, one of the crashes was particularly inconvenient as I was part way through a Huon which had the audacity to kill me while I was off-line, when I reconnected I could not find it at least not that I know of. I have been told that Calypso is more stable and I intend to try that for a couple of days before returning to Arkadia.

The Karma Killer still has not got beyond tier 3.0, it looks as though progression has slowed down greatly now which is a shame as I am finding it to be a useful weapon with  Weapon Skill Enhancers added to the available slots.

Wolta and myself tried hunting some Kamaldon which was a little tough but we did quite well for a while, when loot dropped off we switched to Huon and did OK there too.

I have returned to Calypso for a few days, Lizzy has collected Weapon Skill Enhancer BPs 1 to 3 for me and I need to collect them and her when she next logs on (should be Friday night), she wants to explore Arkadia and I am going to try some crafting as Weapon Skill Enhancers seem rare on Arkadia I shall have to make my own. Nocturaline has returned to Calypso with me (off-line), we are both currently aboard the ship. Before leaving Arkadia I wandered around the shops looking for items to auction back on the home-world and found just one worth risking, I will see if I can turn a profit. Wolta has remained on Arkadia and we plan to continue our irregular weekly team hunt at the weekend.

I reached 159 hit points and hope to reach 161 by the end of the year, I have also set myself the target of level 60 Laser Pistoleer (hit) by year end, I think it is quite ambitious but better to aim high.


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