Arkadian downs and ups

Log Entry for September the 22nd 2013

I spent quite a lot of time hunting Oratan Slashers, the results were rather bad and showed no sign of changing. On Wednesday, I stood at Celeste Quarry wondering what to do as I did not intend to hunt, boredom set in and the words “What the f***” wandered across my mind, I had seen some Teladon and Beladoth globals so I decided to hunt Huon.

It was not long until I hit a small HoF and less than 4 minutes later I hit another, that was followed by a global, Huon, good call! The following day I tried Teladon and managed 3 globals. The day after things returned to normal against the Riptor and the Tiarak but I did manage another Huon the day after that.

Wolta and I did a key 5 between us working toward the completion of a Magurg IFN challenge, the results were not brilliant but it was fun. Wolta and I also had a go at some Oratan miners and did OK.

There was much speculation about the upcoming update, people are concerned that off-line space travel will be removed and obviously the usual  introduction of bugs that are smoothed out over the following few weeks. The update is supposed to be rather large and a longer than usual outage has been scheduled for Tuesday the 24th.

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