Floating in a tin can

Log Entry for September the 15th 2013

I spent some time in Cyclops Depths, once again loot was poor but I had some interesting experiences with some of the bosses. While in the depths and trying to cross the bridge guarded by the pyromancer, the instance was reset and all who were in it started again at the entrance, there were less than 10 of us. We all ran into the depths and many of us headed for the first boss. to activate this there are a few thorifoids that need to be slayed, during which I managed a small global, once the boss was activated we all laid into it making short work of him and getting very little loot.

The second boss is further along the corridor in a room on the left containing some high level shamans, I tagged along with a couple of avatars who clearly knew what they were doing and I promptly got killed but I was curious and returned, this time I was asked to join a team by “Slate shitkicker Sloan” ( I think the name is correct), beside he and I there was one other member of the team one “ah Lady oh” who seemed to be doing most of the work. When the boss did materialise, I promptly found myself encased in what looked like ice and died soon after, I was unable to re-enter the room, it looked like ice was blocking the path.

Boss 3 and for me the final one was the pyromancer, he kept summoning me back to his location and I kept running away, eventually I was freed from this when Slate took him on and killed him. Clearly I need better armour to deal with these, the Viceroy seems mostly ineffective.

I eventually got to my target location and took on some more low level Mindreavers trying to complete a challenge but am not sure if it’s stage 1 or 2 now. Again the Viceroy seemed not to do much. I need to work out what attacks are being used and see if I can find something more suitable. I did not complete the challenge, I will try again soon.

Upon my return to the surface I visited Nocturaline in her newly decorated apartment (I forget the address), she has been busy furnishing it and is branching out in the hairdressing business. The apartment looked very good and is considerably different to my own.

The following day I headed into space in the Pathfinder and stayed there for 5 days, the first 4 were just cruising solo to the Calypso hunting grounds and being attacked by Cosmic Horrors see the ships log entry.

On the 5th day Wolta and Nocturaline joined me and we headed to Arkadia (log entry). Wolta and Nocturaline headed for the surface, while I stayed aboard, later I tried the Cosmic Horrors at Arkadia in my Quad and I seemed to break even,

Once on the surface the Oratan Slashers and the Magurg both provided very little loot. The following day (Sunday), Wolta invited Nocturaline and I on an Arkadian Key 7 mission which we both accepted, these are always a lot of fun and quite intense, considering I was somewhat less than sober I did quite well and did not lose a lot either.

Many people have been commenting on how poor the loot has been so I guess it’s not just me at the moment, time to kick back and do some low level IFN challenges I think.

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