Peaking Early

Log Entry of September the 9th 2013

The week started poorly, I had noticed Tuesday morning a lot of Aurli globals but could not be bothered to visit Crystal Palace, instead I contented myself with the Rextelum and found myself quite discontented with the loot they had to offer. In the evening all the Aurli spam had ceased but for some reason I could be bothered with a trip to Crystal Palace and just as well, the first mob was a 391PED HoF on a Watcher. I was tempted to call it quits and just return to the planet but decided to continue the hunt and just as well, within 15 minutes I scored a 1755PED HoF from a Weak, I was more than happy with this result.

I stayed on Crystal Palace at least another day, maybe 2, my memory is hazy but the good times did not continue so I returned to Calypso, not that, that made any difference to the loot.

The rest of the week loot was poor, to the extent that when Wolta and I had our weekend hunt we cut it short, something I think we have only ever done once before.

Lets hope things pick-up next week.

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