Running on Empty

Log Entry for August 25th 2013

During the week I ran out of Weapon Skill Enhancer 1s and have seen no piles of opals appear on auction on Arkadia to upgrade the Karma Killer to tier 3, the Weapon Skill Enhancer 2s are rapidly being used and I think a run to Calypso will soon be necessary to rectify the situation. While the economy on Arkadia is an improvement from the early days it is still not competing with that of Calypso. I strongly suspect that all the non-Calypso economies will not really take off as long as the quoted mark up figures are universal instead of local for the planet, make local data available and all sorts of trade opportunities arise. I have been trying to do my bit to help the Arkadian economy by listing my loot on the auction there, much of it has sold but some has not, I have been selling it a little cheaper than on I would on calypso too.

I have this week been mostly hunting Oratan Slashers and have completed the 10K mission, loot has varied from good at the beginning of the week dire at the end. In fact it got so bad I swapped to Teladon for a while, this proved to be a good choice as I got myself a nice HoF (I think it is my first on Arkadia), the kill immediately after it was a global and a second global followed soon after. I have been using the Viceroy armour exclusively for protection, for weapons it has been the Karma Killer and the Dagger of Despair, nice to be using it again.

Wolta managed a good find while treasure hunting this week and got some Liakon Arms. Nocturaline has returned from holiday but is currently on Calypso.

I have not had a huge amount of enthusiasm this week, on the morning of the Thursday, Edgar, a good friend of mine died after a fairly short illness and it has taken the wind from my sails.

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