Arkadia fights back

Log Entry for August the 4th 2013

The week has been filled almost exclusively by hunting various mobs, I started with the most difficult of my encounters a Huon Dominant or two, these proved extremely difficult with the Karma Killer, A105, Viceroy and 5B plates, I spent most of my time healing and the kill took a very long time. The loot was somewhat miserly too so I tried my luck against some smaller Huon with some more success.

I been hunting Beladoth, Riptor, Tiarak, Teladon and Kadra with the Karma Killer as well as some Halix with the CAP-TT R, I have also completed some IFN challenges but I cannot recall which ones. The returns this week have been largely negative but I have had a lot of fun and found the Riptor in Event Area 3 particularly entertaining, Being surrounded by 19 at one point was a lot of fun, due to their size only about 6 could actually hit me at anyone time but the others formed a disorderly queue.

I have been impressed with the Viceroy armour, other than against the Huon Dominant it has provided very good protection. The Karma Killer is still going well and is still at tier 2.8 as reported on the 8th of July which is odd, several thousand, possibly tens of thousand PEDs worth of ammo has been shot from it and I have been expecting it to reach 2.9 at any moment but so far nothing.

Our final day was on Sunday when Nocturaline, Wolta and myself went underground to do a key 6, this was great fun and has shown us that we could easily do higher keys, the results were about even if I do not count the cost of the key. After this we headed back to Calypso.

I know I will not be away for long, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Arkadian experience and am looking forward to returning to explore some more.

The 11th of August (next Sunday) sees the 7th anniversary of my arrival on Calypso, so I will be arranging a hunt for that day and I hope that many of my friends can join at least for a while. Since my arrival I have seen many changes, most of them for the better, I have seen many people come and go and I have made some good friends who I have known for many years, you know who you are and if you are reading this I hope you will be on-line this Sunday.


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