Exploring Arkadia

Log Entry for July 28th 2013

I am thoroughly enjoying my extended stay on Arkadia, it feels rather like a holiday and I am discovering some new subtlety each day, the beach is extensive (covering most of the south west) and Nocturaline and myself have been using this for some Paris-Dakar style racing, needless to say I have lost each time but on the last attempt it was very close.

I have been trying various IFN challenges and have so far discovered that Oro are more boring than Halix, I have continued last weeks Halix hunting and the CAP-TT R is now ready for a tier, I am not sure if I will do it though. I have also been hunting some larger prey and with some success, without much loss would be more accurate.

Otorugi were hunted both in a Soc. hunt with Neo and the following day with Wolta, the first was marginally profitable the second a minor loss. Beladoth have been quite kind and have taken very little of my lunch money. Teladon have been good with a particularly nice global one morning.

Wolta purchased an Arkadian Key 4 and invited Nocturaline and myself along, the 3 of us managed this easily and again the loss was quite small.

I’m really not used to losing so little! I am somewhat stunned by it and somehow I think the Arkadian experience may be extended for a few more weeks. So far neither Wolta nor Nocturaline are showing any inclination to return to Calypso and I am more than happy here. My turn for the key next week.

By way of achievements this week I reached level 45 pistoleer (hit), this has happened rather quickly and I am putting this down to the use of the Karma Killer giving me more experience than a maxed pistol.


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