Some poor returns

Log Entry for July 14th 2013

The theme of the week has definitely been one of throwing PED at mobs with very little return, several mobs gave me some very big negatives, so much so I decided to revisit the past and went to Jason Centre where I dusted off the Musca set, attached the 6a plates and removed the amp from the Karma Killer before heading out to tackle an old adversary. I was rewarded with a small global and a small profit. It had not changed much, some of the spawns were in slightly different locations and lack of familiarity caused me to become disorientated once in a while but it was good fun.

Foolishly I decided to visit Crystal Palace and have another go at the Aurli, this proved initially to be quite confusing as I could not work out where I was, I had forgotten CP had been revamped and I had to check out each dome before getting on with the slaying of the Aurli. the new domes are quite nice and have far better lighting than I remember in the old ones. With the migration screwing up the loot on the planet maybe here it would be OK? It was not, it was the weeks worst mistake from a financial perspective with two big losses over two days. I did however get to meet some interesting and helpful hunters, banding together to take out a big Aurli even though only one would get the loot, maybe we become more united when we have a common, alien enemy.

I returned to Calypso via the TP as I emptied CP storage and was bringing back stackables of greater value than I would care to lose.

I had a try with the Rextelum but lost here also although I did get to the 8k mark of the 30k challenge, I also gained a hit point, I now have 157 of those and they are all precious.

I returned to the Drones for a small profit and then tried the Feff cave for a high loss considering how little there is to do there.

Once again I visited the drones and this time managed a profit of just over 1PED, a solo and then a team (with Wolta) rextelum hunt both of which were losses.

I did visit Nocturaline’s apartment where she was putting armour on a dummy, it looked rather good but sadly I do not recall what type of armour it was, I can tell you it was mostly red. We also had a car race around the track at Chug’s, I lost, naturally.

That’s it really, as you can tell it’s negative in more ways than one. I do not like the migration, it does seem to channel the loot toward the migration mobs, maybe this year I should try another planet or 2 for the duration?


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