A quiet week

Log Entry for July 1st 2013

It has been a quiet week, at least for me. I have spent some time in Cyclops Depths (I think that’s what the new instance is called) I question it because as yet I have not seen a single Cyclops, maybe I have not gone far enough? Maybe it will link up with Ancient Greece?

I had a go at Atrox hunting with the usual poor results, I figured it was worth a try due to the current BIG industries competition, I suspect I will revisit these from time to time on the off chance that I get lucky.

The Armour continues to diminish, it now comprises mostly ghost parts, I think I still have Jaguar gloves and thighs and the harness is Ursa.

I received disciple applications from 2 new players at the same time and spent a couple of hours chatting with them both, I have not seen either of them on-line since then, they are in a different time zone so it may just be poor timing.

PBG bought herself an apartment (at Omegaton West Habitat, I think!) and has set about furnishing it, I did visit with a small house warming gift, it is a nice big space.

I reached the 7k mark in the Rextelum 30k challenge, still a long way to go but I’m not bored with it yet.

There was also some space adventuring :).

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