A sad day

Log Entry for June 24th 2013

I spent a good few hours completing the mission to gain entrance to the new instance over at the volcano, I was tired and I was doing a lot of it in the dark which did not help much. I found it quite frustrating and needlessly long winded which is a shame. The Instance its self is quite good fun and I do not think I have done to badly from it so far, I think there is more to it than I have so far discovered and will probably try some additional exploration soon.

I have upgraded the Karma Killer, now at tier 2 and with additional accuracy enhancers fitted I have noticed a small improvement in accuracy (it takes slightly less shots to kill now).

I reached level 44 in knifefighter (hit) which I was quite pleased about, the following day I reached level 44 in Laser Pistoleer (hit). Now for the sad bit, the day after that my Laser Pistoleer skill exceeded my knifefighter skill for the first time. I want to start using the shortblades again but they seem so expensive by comparison with the pistol, maybe now I am using an unlimited pistol the difference will not be so big.

The armour continues to be used up and swapped out for ghost, I do not think it will be long until I am fully unlimited.

A short entry this week as I have been busy elsewhere.

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