Log Entry for June 17th 2013

Wolta has reached level 25 Vehicle Structural Engineer, awesome news for any transports we will be running in the future, excellent work Wolta. I am intending on discussing our plans for the Pathfinder with her this coming weekend, I think it’s time to try and get some more regular passengers, hopefully we will come up with some kind of plan.

I have been doing some more car racing with Nocturaline we tried Chug’s circuit a couple of times with one win each, we also tried racing around lake Penzance which is quite an exciting and flexible circuit, Nocturaline thrashed me on that one.

Tiger decided to try the pit again and this time survived but did not challenge me for leadership, we decided that in such circumstances the challenger can have the Soc. ranking system changed and he and PBG elected hunters, this has been changed and I am now telling the world that I’m a “Great Hunter”, this is clearly untrue. I do not like the ranking system but it is not my place to change it.

I seem to have gotten some enthusiasm back and spent some time hunting this week. I have managed to reach the 6k mark of the 30k Rextelum Iron challenge.

On Friday night I was East of Saba Camp tying to reduce the numbers of Rextelum I had already had a small global when I hit nice HoF, 1800 and something PED, been a long while since I hit one that big and as far as I know it’s the highest I have ever been in the Hall of Fame, 3rd place. I was naturally rather pleased. I became more pleased soon after when Wolta pointed out I was at number 15 in BIG Industries 100,000 PED Supernova event and that this event was due to end the following night, the prize was 1000PED for the top 100 loots during the event.

On Saturday evening Wolta and myself teamed and managed a 3 global Rextelum hunt, I managed a small gain whist Wolta managed a small loss, I think I just managed more hits on the bigger of the globals and that made all the difference.

Also on Saturday (at least I think it was Saturday) I joined Drop Zone for an Opalo Proteron hunt, this was great fun as usual but I was very tired and the soothing sound of gunfire made me nod off twice, waking each time at the revive, after the second time I called it a night.

The prize giving for the BIG Industries event was Sunday evening, Wolta and I did attend but there were some issues, Blastoise had connection problems and kept disconnecting, a bit sad for him really, I am sure he would have liked to participate more. Freyr stepped in and handed out the cash although I am sure Blastoise did some. I did leave and come back after about 30 minutes or so as clearly there was a lot of trades for them to get through. It was odd to find myself standing around in the company of so many heavy hitters but I hope to have the opportunities to get used to it!

The Karma Killer has reached tier 1.9 and is ready for an upgrade, I am in the process of getting the required materials together, I will be adding more accuracy enhancers, it is an unlimited weapon so it is very important for it’s economy to reduce the number of misses.

The old limited armour parts continue to expire and be replaced with Ghost, I think I just have the harness, thighs and gloves to burn now.

Some bigger robots turned up, well I say bigger they are the same size and basically the same robots just tougher, there were at least 2 (Shared Loot) All Time Highs from these. I did have a little go but quite often got nothing in spite of firing a lot of PED into the mobs.

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