Coasting to Racing

Log Entry for June 10th 2013

I started the week coasting, the poor returns from the previous week continued and I was unwilling to just throw PED at the mobs. I tried here and there and “not good” continued to be the theme.

As I was mostly standing around (I miss sitting), I found myself chatting to people a lot more. Nocturaline invited me to the tracks at New Switzerland for a car race, there were just three of us, the third being Nocturaline’s disciple who’s name I am ashamed to say I have forgotten. We raced around the track, I even managed to get lost and end up in the middle of the circuit somewhere, I have no idea how that happened. Needless to say I did not do well but did manage a second on the second circuit but only because the disciple overshot the exit.

Nocturaline belongs to an interesting Society “Drop Zone”, they run events which remind me of the old days in the “Guardian Tigers”, finding ways to entertain ourselves. I was kindly invited to partake in two Opalo Proteron hunts as organised by Drop Zone. The first was a steep learning curve, suddenly I had to think about what I was doing instead of just point, shoot, heal. I died many times, it did not help that I was very tired, I did begin to wake up towards the end though and became a little more proficient. I was more awake for the second hunt but still messed up a few times, it is important not to be distracted a few seconds is all it takes and you are back at the revive. I think I missed Tiger saying goodbye for the week due to how busy I was doing this, sorry Tiger.  These are a lot of entertainment for very little cost and I recommend them to anyone who gets an invite. I have also witnessed a car race in the “Calypso new arrivals” instance, at least I think that’s what it is called. This was highly entertaining, the racers had to drive from the entrance to the exit point (about 7 minutes). I flew along in “Bad Moon Rising” to see the race from above, there were way points but they were not mandatory.

Wolta spent much of the weekend skilling repair, she has been doing this a lot and is intending to reach lvl 25 VSE so she can use the RK-20. I did help her out a little with the gift of a chip, safer transport is vital. During the set up process of the 0.0 feature I found myself on Crystal Palace, I elected to try some Aurli and am very glad I did, I managed to get myself surrounded by 6 or so of the beasts (hard to tell it seemed dark in there). Survival was my goal and the Karma Killer and my Christmas tree armour set did a good job of that in addition I managed a nice HoF just as Wolta came on line so I cut the hunt short and walked away with a healthy profit.

It was on that day that I lent Cee the use of “The Desperate Dan”, my first and somewhat beaten up Sleipnir, she had not flown before and after some basic tuition found she loved it. Rather entertainingly it vanished while she was in mid-air, I can only assume that this was caused by me warping to Cyrene and leaving Calypso behind. She did survive the fall and found herself in the middle on nowhere, I would have liked to have seen that. She has since bought herself a Sleipnir.

I also learnt of the Feffoid daily crystal cave mission this week and gave that a try yesterday, this also gave me a nice return, I shall be making an effort to do that every day.

I must say, it has been an interesting week.

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