Trying something stupid

Log Entry for May 29th 2013

Something stupid, well I’m not the smartest cookie up the flagpole in the first place so this should be fairly daft.

I decided to try the old way, the unlimited way, the non SIB way! I went and bought myself a Karma Killer. I’m planning on sticking with the unlimited Ghost and will use up the relics of my Jaguar and first Ursa set, disposing of parts as they expire. My second Ursa set will remain in storage for a while, while I tread the path of the ancient.

Last night I tried my new/old approach against the rextellum, I found the weapon to have a significant increase in fire rate, I seemed to be killing them in slightly fewer shots, I did notice an increase in misses and in skills and at the end the size of loss was not unusually high. Look out for me in my Christmas tree armour, I wonder if I could put a star on the top!


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