Putting my feet up

Log Entry for May 27th 2013

As the title suggests I have been taking it easy this week. I have hunted but not as much as usual, I have stood around quite a lot. I did put some of my accumulated loot on auction, most of this has sold, I still have a couple of outstanding stacks which I expect will not sell.

My best day was probably today with 3 rextelum globals from one hunt in the morning resulting in a small profit. This was rapidly turned into a deficit in the evening when I had a go at the Harbinger, Tiger had a couple of HoFs on these, good ones too. So I thought it worth a try but they were dry. I did use up the Scrof on them and also the Jaguar shin guards (the helmet went earlier in the week). I did get a HP gain and am now up to 156, slow going but every point can make a difference.

The Soc. had been largely absent this weekend but I was very pleased to find 3 other of the Cursed on line this evening and spent a while chatting with them all.

I need to look for another pistol but it’s too late to be dealing with that right now so I will take a look tomorrow, I am thinking of trying something different so I do need to think.

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