Budski screws it up

Log Entry for May 13th 2013

Budski went into the pit and just messed up big time, he did not kill anything but just turned in circles. Apparently he had no mouse and could not get himself into 3rd person. So he remains a Rookie. Better luck next month Dude.

Other things have happened, I managed to complete my 6k Rextelum and have made a start on the next one, I think it’s 30k. For me the loot has mostly been quite bad although I did get a couple of globals on the Rextelum one of which contained a 20PED ESI, over all I have lost quite a lot although I’m please to say that Wolta got a nice HoF against the Rextelum. Hunting on Arkadia did not go well for either of us.

I did some noob missions around Nus Lull, I had to find a body at one point and only did so because Ghostman told me where it was, big thanks to him for that.

I’m feeling unsure of what to do at the moment, with loot being rather poor I find myself just standing around, chatting with people, nice to do but not really the object of my existence. Time for a think (again).


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