Great big feffox off Feffox

Addendum to log entry of May 6th 2013.

I forgot to mention, possibly it’s beer related, possibly just that I have been doing other things. Some scientist developed the toxin to wipe out the Feffox, at least that’s what the evil genius proclaimed. I some suspect that he enjoyed a “MUHAHAHAHAHA” moment when the toxin caused the Feffox to mutate into the great big feffox off Feffox that are now roaming the surface of Calypso.

I did go to see one, it was an unpleasant experience, at least for me. Let’s hope this plot line evolves into a hunt down the evil genius and bring him to justice at the end of a barrel or a very serrated knife type thing. Better still he should be hoisted by his own petard and die horribly in the jaws of his own creations. No revive for you Mr. evil genius scientist Charles Marvin.

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