Consolidation and the Soc.

Log Entry for May 6th 2013.

This week has mostly been about travel and trade although I did do better with the Nusul the day after my last log entry and I had a try at mining on Arkadia which almost broke even.

I have been getting the parts together to complete my 2nd set of Ursa, just one part outstanding now, I do not wish to purchase from the shops on Arkadia as the mark up there is somewhat high compared with the auction prices, I shall sit and wait although I have noticed one person selling a mixed bag of Ursa part on auction at a reasonable price, I suspect he may make them and I am intending to get in touch.

Trade has gone quite well, all the items I purchased have sold for a small profit, I am not intending to make lots of PED doing this, although if the opportunity presented its self I would not say “no”. It is just a small challenge to satisfy myself that I can do it, it also offsets some of the travel costs incurred aboard the pathfinder, this is the price of being cheap.

Tiger and PBG had been on-line during the week and on Saturday just gone (today being Monday), they accepted The Curse of Chug and one at a time entered the pit to establish their new ranks within the soc. The idea is that you enter the pit solo and with your best kit you fight the waves of shinkiba. The wave number in which you die is your rank, should you survive all 5 waves you can challenge for leadership of the soc. With our current structure that means the following:-

  1. Rookie (this is also the rank of all new joiners).
  2. Grunt.
  3. Veteran.
  4. Group Leader.
  5. Advisor.
  6. Captain (once winning the challenge after surviving all waves).

Tiger went first taking a heavy critical during the 4th wave he died making his new rank Group Leader. PBG was second and she survived (quite easily) all 5 waves, she declined to challenge me so her rank remained unchanged as Advisor. During PBG’s ordeal one Rocky Exiv balboa showed an interest, I asked him not to assist PBG and he did not. After PBG’s ordeal we had a long conversation with him as he was interested in joining the Soc. I say we had a long conversation with him but in truth it was Tiger who was conversing, the whole thing was in Swedish so I only picked up a few words here and there. The upshot was that Exiv did join us and entered the pit to face his ordeal, he managed a very creditable 3rd wave making him a Veteran. After this Exiv and I went hunting some small Atrox and Ambulimax but the loot was worse than dire so we stopped early.

The following day I dusted off the Jaguar armour and went chasing the Rextelum, this time doing quite well with 3 globals and a reasonable profit from stackables.

Later Cee was on-line (the other Cee, Cindy Cee Spencer)  she went into the pit and was killed on wave 4 after a hard fight, making her a Group Leader. This leaves just Budski and Lizzy (the two other recently active players) to endure the trial.

In writing this I have just realised I have gone a full week without a team hunt with Wolta who has accompanied me on almost all this weeks transports. I must correct that today after I add to the ships log and do a small amount back on Earth.

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