What the Feffox?

Log Entry for 15th of April 2013.

The week started well with both solo and team hunts on rextelum providing some good loots, globals and HoFs, sadly this all went rather sour toward the end of the week with a string of consistent losses! Re-think time. I did complete the 3K mission and am about a quarter of the way through the 6K now, my poor little P5a is almost burnt out and I am looking for a replacement.

I had some new trousers made (thank you Summer for your patience crafting the textures), they look rather good from the front but quite weird from the back. It may take a little getting used to but the coat hides the oddity nicely.

The Soc. name has changed (again), I now belong to “The Curse of Chug”, I have plans but not sure I have the drive to implement them.

Quite a lot of stuff sold on auction, some did not, in addition I have started looking for replacement armour parts for the Ursa set.

My latest disciple as mentioned last week seems to have vanished without a trace which is more than can be said of the egg!

There was more stuff with robots and the egg, which was recovered and hatched to produce a Feffoid/Atrox cross-breed. I have not seen one yet as I have not been able to enter an instance, however I find myself somewhat disappointed. I believe this story line to be about 7 years old possibly more, it seems that some time ago one great big mother feffoid of a feffoid had his way with one great big atrox queen, whether this liaison was of mutual consent or not I cannot say and to be brutally honest I am not sure I want to know, possibly some kind of dating agency was used, if so I really don’t want to get involved with that. The egg was laid, looted and left on a shelf for a considerable time, over the years I think robots have attempted to poach it twice if memory serves. Why?

I find myself wondering what other species can interbreed and am looking forward to the day when I hear a high pitched buzzing sound and see approaching through the air at great speed an igni/leviathan cross it will probably be called an ignithan by the scientists, of course it won’t have time to stop and attack me due to the hoard of robots chasing the poor doomed creature! Still better that than an igni/pop dragon cross. I mean who needs Iggy Pop turning up! That would frighten the robots, I’m feffoxing terrified just thinking about it.

2 responses to “What the Feffox?

    • Thank you :), nice to know someone reads my drivel! That was a couple of months before I arrived on Calypso, I remember people talking about it but at the time it was way beyond me.

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