The search for HoF

Log entry for the 8th of April 2013

When I thought of the title for this blog entry (immediately after last weeks blog entry), I was sure I would need to add a “1” to the end of it and was wondering how many digits I was going to need before my hunt was over. As it turns out I need not have been concerned.

I have focused my attention on the rextelum and took the 600 point challenge, I started on the island where the wave event is but had little luck, I had however noticed a lot of globals for rextelum at BIG Industries OLA#49 so I headed there on Monday the 1st of April and promptly globaled on the first mob, a promising start, I had two more globals that night. On the Tuesday day two gloabls and on Wednesday one. no more followed although I was unable to play much until the Saturday morning when my search came to an end with a 687PED HoF and a little later the same hunt another global followed. At some port the 600 point challenge was achieved and I accepted the 3k challenge.

On Sunday Wolta and myself teamed and managed four globals between us and later I entered one of the events and scored another solo. This morning I pulled in a second HoF but at 160PED it does not really count. Although it was an improvement on the HoF I watched go through a few minutes earlier which was for either 13 or 19PED WTF?

Here are a couple of screen shots, swirlies were missed on the first one as the gun popped in after the auto screen shot went off:-

Was rather happy about this one.

Was rather happy about this one.

Not a real HoF :)

Not a real HoF 🙂

Having achieved my objective I am in the fortunate position of being able to put my feet up for a couple of years before I try for the next one! Somehow I doubt that will happen :).

In other news this week:-

I have taken on a new disciple “The Grimm Mk II”. She seems keen, I have not had much opportunity to assist her as yet but did spend about 90 minutes taking her from Icarus to Nea’s, it seems noobs no longer get New Oxford! I am intending to spend more time with her this week.

Also, a new cruise is planned for this Thursday night so I have been contacting crew and potential crew to inform them of that.

Oh yeah, robots have been attacking, something about an egg! Blah, blah, blah!

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