An unfortunate angle!

Log Addendum 03 March 2013

I was skilling repair with Lizzy when my RK-5 expired. Turning around I found myself faced with an image that just made me laugh. Lizzy, I hope you don’t mind me posting this here :).

Propulsion Repair Point, my arse!

Propulsion Repair Point, my arse!


Space, Space and more Space

Log Entry 02 March 2013

Yes, this week I have mostly been in space, shuttling about in the vicinity of Calypso. I did get to meet my latest Soc. member Little Lizzy Drow a Rocktropian who having done a few of the basic missions available decided that she wanted a mentor and that she wanted to do all of her discipleship in Space! Well that’s quite a challenge and one I was interested in assisting with so Lizzy became my 3rd current disciple. Which is why I have been in space so much this week. Lizzy is using the 0.0 feature to complete her discipleship, after about a week she has exceeded 40% and has completed the 3 necessary achievements.

We did the team hunt with mentor first, this was done on the Pathfinder in the Calypso training area, we both had a go at the pilot and gunner positions and of course the loot was poor. Next it was crafting, this was done on Crystal Palace making good old Basic Filters using my old BP of course the return was poor however at least there is a use for Basic Filters now so the return may not be too bad. Lastly it was mining and of course this was achieved on FOMA where Lizzy made out like a bandit, doubling her money in the main arena.

Things went so well mining for Lizzie that I went and had a go at mining myself, that was a big mistake, after dropping 50PED of bombs I had just over 8PED of oil and that was from just one find, I decided not to continue at that particular time.

The mining went so well for Lizzy that she has been back to FOMA since and this time more than doubled her money in the main arena. She has also tried some solo snablesnot hunts but found it a little on the dull side!

I have been shuttling backwards and forwards to the training grounds to initiate the 0.0 feature, unfortunately there are not enough people to have the ship permanently manned so initiating this was my first task each day.

We have been to the planet’s surface once, Lizzy was hoping to benefit from the re-model your avatar opportunity but it did not work when she re-logged.

From what we have seen the repair skilling offers quite a quick way to work through your discipleship however it has been slowing down. Lizzy is keeping a record of how much welding wire and how many RK-5 devices she has used, I am curious to know just what it takes.

The 4th current disciple. It has been a busy week and at one point I received the “knock, knock” someone wants to be your disciple signal. I was very busy at the time and I do like to chat with people before accepting them as a disciple so I ignored the request, I ignored the request 5 times before getting a bit fed up, at which point I accepted it on the 6th attempt. It turns out the chap was in the Arkadia arrivals area and was having some issues downloading Arkadia, I chatted with him that evening and the following evening (Arkadia had still not downloaded), on the third evening it had and he was free to wander the planet. he had already started the new arrivals mission and we chatted for a while.

At some point I got a message from him telling me to come to Arkadia because he was bored. I explained I was a bit busy and that I was not sure when I would next be on Arkadia, very soon after that he kicked me. We did talk about it afterwards and I agreed it was for the best as he is on Arkadia he would be better off with a mentor who is there also. I almost forgot at some point before the kicking he did join the Soc. I am not sure if he is still a member, I should check that however I have not seen him on line since. A bit sad really.

P.S. I just logged in and checked, he left the Soc. too but is still on my FL. I also updated my mentor information in the hope that this kind of misunderstanding will not reoccur.