One year, no HoF!

Log Entry for 31st March 2013

I was checking through the stats on Entropialife earlier this week and discovered to my horror that it has been an entire year since I got a HoF. I had a chat with Una about it and he recommended I try hunting mobs with higher HP, so it seems I have a task for April, I have made a start and have been working my way through the first Rextelum challenge, so far just one global, I am using a P5a with an A104 though so each mob takes a while, with that gun and the Ursa with 5b plates I seem to be able to take a strong fairly easily so with a more powerful weapon should be able to do a little more.

Looking through my notes I can see I have had a busy week, I spent quite a lot of time chatting with people in preparation for the training cruise that occurred on PathfinderXXXI yesterday evening. I got a wide variety of responses to my invitation, some completely normal and understandable, some a little obscure and one that was just plain weird :-

  • “I’m visiting relations over Easter and they have no internet.”
  • “Great, I’m there.”, that’s the kind of enthusiasm I want.
  • “Sorry, busy that night.”
  • “Nice.”, no further response was received.
  • “Is it after <sometime> my time?” I relayed the MA time and received no further response.
  • “Are you a guy in RL?”, I said yes, because I am and then explained that most people in game are guys in real life.

I have had several stacks fail to sell on auction, few had much MU so were TT”d others were re-auctioned at a lower price. Trading has been going quite well, whilst I do not spend much time doing this, it does seem to make a little profit. I am still learning what sells and what does not and of course I am learning the hard way.

There have been many hunts, Feffs, Allo/Esto. Atrox, Rextelum,Shinkiba, Araneatrox and Itumatrox, that I recall as well as a team hunt with Una against the Araneatrox and a team hunt with Wolta against the Feffs. The Araneatrox hunt resulted in a drop of some shadow gloves which gave both Una and myself a nice bonus. The training cruise on the pathfinder last night also gave the opportunity to hunt , Cosmic Horrors, Dropships and Locusta. It seems I have managed quite a varied diet!

I even tried a little mining, something I do not do often but probably should and have come out slightly ahead I think.

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