Hunting against the cap!

Log Entry 24th March 2013.

I have spent most of this week hunting, Armax (completed the 500 iron challenge), Atrox but mostly Feffs. I have also had a go at the Purifiers at Ashi and Cape Corinth. There has been mixed results from all of them.

The Herman CAP 33 Arctic expired and has been replaced with a Herman CAP 32 Desert, a very similar weapon and one which has not got many more hunts in it.

That however is not really a problem, I am up against a cap and have been all week. I have put quite a lot of stacks on auction and have been TTing low MU stuff from storage just to keep going. The stuff on auction is not selling, prices have fallen a bit since I placed the items and the robot invasion has increased the quantity of crafting materials available and possibly reduced the amount of crafting being done, certainly there have been a lot of people at Corinth the last two nights. So many that I have had to reduce the graphics quality to reduce crashes (yes, that’s started to happen again). Yes I could deposit but with the amount of stuff in storage I have decided it is a good way to force me to have a bit of a clear out. Lets hope something sells soon.

I have left the planet just once for some pilot/repair skilling with Wolta, this went quite well, certainly it is a low cost way to gain some skills. I paid a visit to CP and picked up some items to trade back on the surface. My trading activities are not bearing much fruit but are cheaper than hunting!

I have noticed some new mobs something brood of someone! I have know idea what or where these are, I shall endeavour to find out.


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