Planet bound

Log Entry 18th of March 2013

That’s “Planet bound” as being bound to a planet not as in heading for one. I have spent the entire week on Calypso mostly hunting atrax and experiencing some rather poor returns, I have also tried feffs which were equally poor.  I have  had a go at some foul and scored a couple of the all new mini globals whilst completing an Iron Challenge, I think the mini global somewhat diminishes the global just as the 1PED ATH I spotted going through somewhat diminishes the ATH. Other mobs were Shinkiba and just one nexnecis which kindly globaled for me, I took it out while returning to the mission giver after completing the 1K atrax with nothing even close to a global..

Completed Iron missions are the 500 foul and the 1K atrax. The foul was rather funny, basically run around a lot collecting a hoard of the creatures then stop and wipe them all out.

Lizzy graduated after some delay and a support case. It seems you cannot graduate while on a space ship or a space station, support advised Lizzy to try a planet, as the objective was to complete the discipleship in space Lizzy went to FOMA and was able to graduate there. To complete the discipleship took nearly 25 RK-5 and 1362k of welding wire, in doing this she has reached level 19 VSE.

The Scrof has expired and been replaced by a Herman CAP-33 Arctic (L), this does rather more damage and allows me to fit a larger amp to it too, also it is significantly quieter which I like a lot. I have been using the Ursa a lot and have to say it is rather nice armour but has thrown up a record keeping issue. Tracking just 1 (L) item is OK add an extra 7 and it becomes somewhat time consuming. After some thought I decided to not actually track individual hunts any more and have moved to a slightly more realistic accounting system.

The new accounting system tracks expenses and returns, all values include the paid/sold MU and no TT values are recorded except when stuff is purchased/sold from or to the TT. This makes it possible to use exactly the same process for recording all my EU activities although each activity does have it’s own sheet. I am still trialling it and while it will give me a profit and loss for each activity (mostly loss) for specific periods it will not allow a hunt by hunt analysis as my previous system did however that had not proved to be useful anyway.


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