A busy week for Cee II

Log Entry 10th March 2013

A busy week is what it has been. I have tended not to travel much in the past but that has all changed with the Pathfinder. It is now so easy to get where I want to go that I find myself continually wanting to be elsewhere!

My week started out on Rocktropia where I was slaying werewolves and vampire chicks, it did not go too well as I recall, I think Rocktropia owes me a few PED now. Although I did buy a few items to trade at a later date.

After returning to Calypso I concentrated on completing my Allo/Esto 5k which I have now done, the skill increase was quite high and it was rewarding to finally complete this, it has been going on a long time. I did check out the robot incursion at Treasure Island and participated for a while until I started crashing out (odd that, no matter how good a machine I get I still crash out when there are a lot of avatars about, I send the same tired old report to MA and nothing happens) anyway I have seen many of these incursions in the past, it tends to mean something is going to happen, there is some mention about the egg again, I get the feeling we are all going to be treated to a rather nasty tasting omelette.

My D6 expired so I looked on auction for a weapon, I was surprised by just how much weapon MU seems to be increasing, after checking stats. etc. I decided to try a GeoTrek H21 Scrof (L). I have to say I quite like it although it’s range is quite poor. I will be making some comparisons during the coming week to get a handle on it.

This weekend and Wolta and I had a day trip to Arkadia, here we hunted nusul in team and solo, we both managed to global at different times, I got a decent full TT pistol that I could not use yet so that’s on auction. I managed to get an set of Ursa together, most of the parts were available on Arkadia but I spotted some rather cheaper feet on Calypso auction and asked Misty to buy them for me which she very kindly did. I have as yet to recover them but I have all the other parts and am looking forward to testing it out. Whilst on Arkadia I again checked the shops for items I could trade back on Calypso and found a few, these are also on auction.

Lizzy, my disciple and fellow Soc. mate has been doing very well with her discipleship, she is almost at 79% and has gained some good skills repairing the ship. She is keeping a record of how much welding wire and how many RK-5s she has used, it will make interesting reading at the end of the discipleship.


  • I meet with Misty and we traded the Ursa foot guards.
  • I have done a quick comparison of the P5a against the Scrof. They both use the same amount of ammo, the Scrof does slightly more damage and has one extra shot per minute but it’s range is about 5 meters less and it is not as durable.
  • I had to add the II to the end of the title, it seems I have had a busy week before! There’s a surprise.

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