A good week hunting

Log Entry 24 February 2013

An interesting week, the hunting of Allo and Esto has been going rather well, a total of 5 globals for the week and 4 of them contained some interesting weapons all with nice MU. Whilst I have not actually added up the results I do suspect they will be positive. by Saturday morning this was all over, maybe there is a blip for the weekend but somehow I doubt it, I have reached the 4550 mark of the 5k allo/esto mission and am quite pleased with my progress.

The Soc. has acquired a new member, one Little Lizzy Drow, I have not been on line at the same time as her yet so have not had the opportunity to chat.

I had a quick trip to the vicinity of Hephaestus Space Station, where I meet with Slarty for some experimental Quad manoeuvres, I can’t really say much about that, all very hush, hush, what, what, dontchaknow!

Wolta and I took a trip to Crystal Palace to have a crack at the Aurli, it seemed to be where the loot had gone this weekend what with lots of people trying to complete the 5k iron challenge so they qualify for the “special” event that has been partially announced. Wolta and I did not do so good, Although I was pleased with my own improvement since the last time I was there.  I had forgotten about how chaotic it can become, the damn things spawn everywhere and run around with no apparent logic making it very difficult to find a reasonable location from which to pick them off. We did not stay too long, returning to Calypso where on re-entry an odd thing occurred, the Quad began to tumble out of the sky as if it’s thruster was blown. I had no control and ejected, quickly picking it up as I fell, this in turn caused Wolta to fall. I am not sure what happened to Wolta but I died in mid air, my lifeless corpse landing in the sea, that’s not happened before.


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