The Oldest Noob?

The Oldest Noob?

Six or so years ago when I first set foot on Calypso I was not alone, bald but not alone. I was joined within a day or so by a friend of mine from the home world, know by the name of Clyde Budski Barretta. Clyde did not take to the new home as I did and at one point, not very long after arrival gave away all his worldly items and logged out into that other ethereal state where we all go from time to time. He has been back on occasion to sit upon his favourite hill just south of Port Atlantis, from where he would dispense nuggets of wisdom he had gathered from the logged off state of being and be abused by any one with any degree of sanity.

It seems he is back but his hill is not, it was destroyed when the robot ship hit Calypso, destroying Hadeshienm. So now is he the oldest noob? His only article of clothing his first wave colonist beret! Well he has been doing some noob missions, has joined my Soc. and become my disciple, if he learnt anything (improbable) while he was in the other state he is keeping quiet about it.

I assisted as he completed the missions at Camp Icarus and he has managed a stunning 0.2% of the discipleship doing this. As he was running around in his underpants I created some Musca armour, it works very well with the beret. I had to do something, I had given him a lift in the sleipnir a few days before and having a chap’s underpants that close to your head is a distinctly uncomfortable feeling. I suspect I will have to create some rules as to attire on the Pathfinder.


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