Back in the swing

Log Entry 10th February 2013

I have had a busy week, mostly it has been hunting and there has been some success but as usual not as much as I would like. I did manage a few globals, some of them quite decent.

I have been trying out a new pistol a BSF Kaamos (L), I picked it up in a shop on Arkadia during my last visit, the MU was only about 108% if I recall, which was about the same a P5a at the time. The weapon is not as efficient as the P5a but it does have more power and is giving me some SIB. I must say I really like it, I have looked at getting another but the current MU is about 140% which is a little high.

I did reach 153HP this week, it seems like it has been quite a while since the last increment and when I checked the logs found it to be about 2 months. I guess I have not been hunting as much as I used to and the internet outage may have made a difference.

I have not been hunting as much as I used to, I have been messing about with the Pathfiner and have been doing even more of that this week (including building the blog site for it) but check the ships logs for information relating to that.


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