Good to be back

Log Entry 27-01-13

It has been a good weekend with two hunts on each day and three of them were with blades!

I wanted to play with blades so I took out the despair and set to work, I enjoyed it so much that before I was aware I had exhausted the blade and got very little by way of return but I was having so much fun I decided I should try some of the new shortblades, there certainly are plenty to choose from. The first one gave me SIB (a genesis corroder) although I did not notice many skill messages whilst the second one I had mastered (a Stargazing blade), both of them had a low MU, it seems that shortblades has become more economical to pursue, this can only be a good thing and I will have to keep checking the auction. from all three of these hunts I managed only one global.

However, on Sunday evening I went out with a P5a and had a nice run of three globals and a decent return on the hunt, I got a full TT Bicak Vix (L) (this is the third blade I have looted and it is on display in the lair). All four hunts were Allo and Esto as I had decided to crack on with the iron challenge, I am currently about 2.9k of 5k, the reward for completion is quite good.

I spoke a lot with Wolta during the weekend, trying to get the momentum back with getting a crew for the pathfinder. Wolta kindly started shouting in Twin Peaks and I placed an in-world advert. So far Wolta has managed to attract one person and Calico has found another. As usual the in-world ad has had no response, at least so far. I spent some time chatting with both of them and have them on my FL as crew. I am also preparing a training mission for next Sunday 03-02-13. I shall do a little planning during the week. The roster is looking quite good now, I think I need a few more crew so that should I need to put a group together there will be enough people on line to do so at most times.


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