Catching up.

The BT issue has dominated my thoughts of late, no surprise really. I have realised that I’ve forgotten to mention my new attire. I think it was Monday or Tuesday immediately before the Saturday on which I went dark. Summer logged in and I collared her immediately, she was actually right next to me so it was not difficult. I had all the materials in store and had done for some time but the article I wanted texturing I had only recently acquired. It’s a Master coat, now textured in Longu, Longu and Copper. It took a while for Summer to manufacture all the required textures and apply them, she did her usual bang up job.

I like it but I’m not used to it yet and am still fiddling with applying a little paint to darken the copper, pity I cannot remember what I did with my existing clothes, it was a while ago.

I think I’ll have a try with virtual tycoon at least I’ll be able to check the auction, pity I won’t be able to talk with anyone though.

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