BT fail (again)!

Well no engineer came and no engineer called, I can’t say I’m surprised by that BT seem to be dedicated to failure. Once again I, the customer, took the initiative and called them, they tested the line and surprise, surprise found a fault. I was offered an appointment on Monday, they are obviously under the impression that people can just take time of work with no notice. After rejecting this I was offered Sunday (tomorrow), I naturally agreed to this and rearranged my tomorrow.

An hour or so later they called back telling me they cannot do tomorrow and there is a problem with their booking system (why should that be any different to everything else in their organisation), the best they can do is next Saturday. I rejected this as unacceptable and swore profusely at the person calling.

It’s called BT Infinity because that’s how long it takes to get it. Three months so far, three appointments they have failed to keep, today rearranged on their whim and wasted, tomorrow rearranged due to their total incompetence and soon to be wasted. The result of all this is my existing broadband connection is removed and there is nothing to replace it and because of their record of 100% failure at keeping appointments no clue as to when it will be fixed.

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