Dawn of the Space Age (kind of).

Log Entry 01-01-13. (Maybe that should be “Captain’s Log”? I am bald)

Having purchased and fitted the required components for space flight, Wolta and myself set about the maiden voyage of Pathfinder XXXI, Ok, strictly speaking it’s not the maiden voyage but it is the maiden voyage under my command. Naturally I wanted to pilot the vessel which gave Wolta the option of Gunner or Engineer, she choose Engineer. With only two of us crewing we were quite vulnerable but we had nothing worth stealing so would lose only our pride.

With Wolta in position I backed away from Calypso Space Station, rotated the vessel and initiated forward propulsion. We moved slowly away from the Space Station. I put the ship into a spin, with only my eyes to look for threats it makes it harder for those red triangles to sneak up.

On leaving the safe zone around the space station I began the process of initiating the Warp-Drive, on engaging I was told I was still too close to the Space Station, so I continued at Sub-Warp before trying again. We had already decided our destination was Arkadia Space Station, so I selected it from the map or at least somewhere close and inititiated warp. The suspense as the warp drive energised was quite intense, the wait seemed to take a long time and just as I was wondering if it would ever end we entered warp. I cannot believe just how excited I felt, I have done some thrilling stuff in the past, rock climbing and hang gliding and I must say the excitement I felt was right up there with launching a hang glider, I do not suppose it will last but still it was an intense experience.

Stars streamed past and after a very short time we emerged back into normal space, I re-alligned the ship with the galactic plane and maneurvered so that I could see Arkadia Space Station before once again  initiating thrusters. As soon as we were in the safe zone around the space staion I brought the vessel to a halt, walked to the Engineering console and locked the ship down.

I checked the decay of the various systems and the fuel usage and made notes of this for subsequent cost calculations before Wolta and I TP’d to the Space Station. We tried some experiments with Sleipnirs whist heading to the planet’s surface so that I could work out the most efficient way to transport passengers. I suspect Wolta flew to the surface but I elected the “Arrive Dead” method and bailed out once in the atmosphere, it is quicker and as long an you let yourself be healed by time slightly cheaper as long as you can pick up the vehicle as soon as you leave it.

Wolta needed to log so we did not get an opportunity to team hunt but I went solo and did quite nicely against the Nusul.

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