Calico graduates

Log Entry 17-12-12

In the early hours of this morning Calico reached 100% whilst out hunting with a friend, we both new it was going to happen so I tagged along providing a little healing and I got to see the swirlies. I have to say Calico has been the easiest disciple I have ever had in both the old and new systems, she worked hard and was a lot of fun.

That pretty much ended my day of the 16th, it was a good day, I took part in 6 globals, Wolta and I had a crack at the team Merry Mayhem category 2 and managed a couple of nice globals. Calico and I then took part in the Sunday Baby Trox event, we both had to leave early due to a lack of ammo, we did the event so as to show Calico how these work and I managed a small global near the beginning of the event. Calico and I then tried the Team Merry Mayhem, we made a bit of a lash of it and Calico ended up in the team category 1 instance whilst I was in the team category 2 instance both with the same team name, it all worked fine and we managed a total of 3 globals. I have no idea how it will effect the scores, not that it matters as we will not get close to being in the prizes.

A good day. Big Gratz Calico, well done.

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