Such a busy Tiger!

More than a month since my last entry, very poor show I must say, I will endeavour to remember what I have been up to.

Calico and I spent a fortnight touring the other planets, in order:-

There were lots of Zombies on Rocktropia, I really enjoy making Zombies more dead even though the payback was fairly poor, we visited Hell where I got a very poor return on my mining attempts, unfortunately Hunt the Thing was not available at that time so I did not get a chance to restock my automatic rifle supply. Yes, I know they do next to no damage but the range is impressive and the cost to tag is so cheap it’s laughable. I picked up a set of lock picks here, not to use, they just look pretty cool, on my return to Calypso I added them to the desk.

On to Next Island, here I toured the planet and picked up a few new TPs, of course I visited Ancient Greece, I still really like it there and this time I had weapons that worked in the form of the Philosopher’s and Archeron’s Sword. I took on several of the Cyclops and lost quite heavily to them. For the final day on NI it was a visit to the pirate skeletons, payback here was better but still not good and some of those skeletons are a bit of a challenge.

The Odyssey continued on Arkadia, here I concentrated on the Nusul and I did quite well with a couple of globals helping me along, I quite enjoy hunting these, lets face it they are too cute to live however if pets are ever brought back lots of people will want these.

The last stop before returning to Calypso was Cyrene, this was vastly improved since my last visit, I spent most of my time trying to remember where places were and generally being confused, loot here was not too bad either, I should make more of an effort to return here, I think it is a little underrated.

In fact I should spend more time off world all together. The trip was a lot of fun and packed with new experiences, I brought back a few souvenirs that have been added to the desk and look pretty cool there, I also have a lot of rifles that I have yet to sell.

Since our return I have not had much time to spare but there have been a few team/Soc. hunts, I am looking at expanding the Soc. indeed I have had a long term plan for some time but it has a pre-requisite which does not seem to be happening. Therefore I shall need a short term plan as a fill, all I need do now is think of one!

I managed to complete my Primordial Longu 6K points challenge and have reaped the reward, hopefully I will get more time over Christmas I certainly intend to participate in Merry Mayhem, perhaps I should visit Mr. Tucker tonight although I am not sure he is active yet.

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