A new disciple, a new direction

Log Entry 11 Nov 12

I have been somewhat remiss in my log entries of late, truth is I have been very busy. Of course it is in these times that it is most important to write a log and most difficult to find the time to do so.

A few weeks back I met at Chug’s one Anne Calico Bonny, I said hi because I recognised the name though I knew not from where. It turned out I had met her before but in another guise. Calico had played before but back in vu 9 and had lost her previous avatar. She was out running for TPs and was having difficulty escaping Chug’s so I helped out and flew a few TPs with her.

Since then we have done a lot together, Calico has become my disciple, clearly knowing the game of old is a great help but much has changed and there is still much to learn. Also Calico has joined the Soc. which at the time was called “Solitary Confinement” but has just been changed to “Schrödinger’s Tiger” (Yes I changed it again). We have had a flying visit into space and hunted some Cosmic Horrors, there have been flying lessons and lots of missions have been completed as well as hunts of Argos and Corns. Calico has found the Lair and we have done the training Beacon Mission and got many more TPs. So lots of variety and lots of fun.

I have been spending some time in the lair, adding some furniture and rearranging a lot of items, generally tidying up. I think it is dramatically improved. possibly it is ready to take the Soc. into a new era.

I have had quite a few team hunts, with NIN, Calico and today with Wolta. The hunts with NIN were on Leviathans and went very well and Wolta and I did quite well against the Primordial Longu today.

I am sure more has happened than this but my memory currently fails me.


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