Enter the Traeskerons

Log Entry 06 Oct 12.

Truth be told I found myself at a bit of a loose end after concentrating all my efforts on the Shinkiba/Daikiba I just did not know what to do when I had finished the 10K Iron Challenge. Obviously the Bronze Challenge was available but I knew I needed a break I was just not sure what.

I headed for Odysseus and began to follow some of the mission chains there, all the stuff in the swamps was pretty dire, dire in the mire! However I did revisit the Traeskeron missions, I had killed 6 so had made poor progress on the first mission sometime ago. it did not take me long to find an area in the swamp where some hefty Traeskeron spawn and I began to tick off the numbers while finishing off the LR53, I must say I like that rifle, the decay is quite high but it is effective. The Traeskeron were very welcoming, I managed 4 globals in one day without really trying too hard, although these dried up when the LR53 did. I swapped back to a P5a, that could have been a mistake.

Currently I am working on the 300 mission and have killed about 50. The mission giver claims this is the last mission, I have a feeling he is lying!