Primordial Longu, Shortblade, Traeskeron and a Hit Point.

Log entry 22 Oct 12.

I have been quite busy with the Primordial Longu 6k mission, I have managed a few globals but not many and I still have a long way to go. The competition is over now so I expect the numbers hunting them will go down, I wonder what that will do to the loot.

Yesterday I achieved a personal goal, I was for a long time a shortblades specialist, indeed it is still my highest two skills. I have wanted to loot a shortblade for a very long time and yesterday I succeeded, it’s nothing special, quite a new item as it shows no auction bids, I have put it in “The Lair”, I will have to get  a display panel for it.

Today I reached 151 HP, it seems not that long ago I got to 150 so I guess I am doing something right. I also completed the 300 Traeskeron mission, I had forgotten the reward was only tokens :).

I am having a crack at some of the BIG Industries competitions, I am expecting to do poorly but it’s worth a shot.

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