Primordial Longu (Continued)

Log Entry 14 Oct 12

I had been thinking about Primordial Longu, I had tried various armour combinations, although I had not pulled the Jaguar out of it’s box. So far my best combination has been Ghost with 6As but this does not guarantee survival, even against non critical hits from Olds. I went back to basics. The first rule of combat is “Don’t get hit”, to this end I decided to purchase a rifle, the extra range and power gives me a good chance of downing these before they get to me and those that do get to me get far fewer opportunities to hit. I had not used an Isis LR48 before but had used a 53. The MU on the 53 seemed a bit excessive and I decided the 48 would give me the required range and power and it’s MU was no not too bad.

I fitted the amp and sights and made sure it was set as my primary weapon then set off to play my part in making the Primordial Longu re-extinct! The set up worked pretty well, I got killed a few times once by a very excessive critical the rest by me just not paying attention. However I could drop youngs before they got to me most of the time and it gave me the confidence to tackle mobs bigger than I would have. Guardians used to be a bit of a problem but now I can manage them most of the time, I even took on a Dominant and finished it off without any problems, I have not encountered anything bigger (yet). This set up has reduced repair costs but decay costs have increased.

With the amp fitted I need 170PED of ammo to make 1000 shots. So that’s the amount I go out with for each hunt. I have completed two so far with a small loss on the first one and a very, very small gain on the second even though it contained a 132PED global. I have had a good increase in kill points and broke the 2k mark today, I think I finished at about 2250, I need 3000 to get to the end of the current mission and gain those skills so I should complete this very soon.


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