Primordial Longu

I suspect it is the main course and arrives directly after the soup.

Log Entry 13 Oct 12.

It seems some geneticists managed to recreate these prehistoric creatures and then let them loose to roam the countryside causing mayhem and chaos wherever they went! I can totally understand that, it’s what I would do if I were a geneticist, none of that GM food nonsense for me oh no, straight to the prehistoric monsters every time. May be a theme park could be created full of these living fossils, great idea, I could call it Geriatric Park! I would feel quite at home.

Anyway, I have hunted these for over a day now, not exclusively that would just be picking on them, so far the results have been quite good, three globals well two if I’m honest, the first was on an Atrax that spawned a little too close for comfort. The second was on a Provider and the third on a Guardian in team with Wolta, oddly that one failed to hit either of us while we shot it. I have not seen any items yet.

Whilst out hunting them this evening something a little spooky happened, quite suddenly all the gunfire stopped, all the avatars except me just stopped, frozen to the spot as did the Primordials. I was unable to shoot, unequip my gun or spawn a vehicle though I could move freely. I took the opportunity to take a good close up look at one of these creatures and even took a picture. I have to say I rather like them, they may make good pets, if they ever bring them back! I hung around for a few minutes and then tried a re-log, I was not able to reconnect.

I completed the first quest on these (600 points) and I got a reasonable amount of skills as a reward, I am almost at 1k of 3k for the second part of the quest, the reward for that looks pretty good so I will persevere with these for a while longer. Hopefully I will get my just desserts once I have completed the main course!


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