Team hunting with Wolta

Log Entry 07 Oct 12.

Wolta and I have hunted in team on many occasions, going back as far as out trip to Arkadia if I remember rightly where we ganged up on the Nusul. We have never managed to score a team global but today we broke with tradition and brought down an Atrox Old for a score of 136PED. It is good to have finally achieved this however I must not harbour increased expectations for the next hunt!

Prior to our hunt I had been giving PED to the Traskerons and have about 175 left to complete the challenge, there was no one else at the spawning grounds today so it was quite tricky at times.

I also spent 15 minutes or so ferrying a noob from New Oxford to Nea’s, he is the friend of a friend and had been struggling with this journey on foot. Glad I could help.

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