Log Entry 25-09-12

Truth of the matter is, not a lot has happened. I have been ploughing my way through the 10K Shinkiba/Daikiba Challenge and have managed to complete a little over 3/4 of it, there is a chance I could finish by the end of this week as I have very few distractions.

I have had a couple of Team hunts, the first was with NIN, we were hunting Allo and managed a global, although I had quite a big loss on the hunt. The second was with Wolta and we tried Mermoth (It has been years since I hunted these, the only reason I did was because Una wanted the skins for his coat), this was fun, the area was basically on two  levels separated in the most part by a cliff, the Mermoth are fairly aggressive and seeing them charge over the top of the cliff and plummet towards us, their little flippers flapping away was for me a hilarious sight, losses on this hunt were minimal.

I did try a solo Allo hunt the result of which was quite poor.

I reached level 24 in the Swordsman (Hit) profession, as I had maxed the Philosopher’s Sword, I decided to purchase an Archon’s Sword, I got one at tier 0.9 and immediately upgraded it to 1.0 and applied some skill enhancers to it, this means I still get the SIB but I am not terrible with it, the method seems to work quite well, certainly I am please with the results, I have already increased Swordsman (Hit) to level 25. I must remember to take the Skill enhancers off before I max the weapon.

By combining a TT shortblade, the Philosopher’s Sword and Archon’s Sword I am now able to complete the Daikiba wave event near to Camp Icarus, with some blade power to spare, mostly completing this has proved costly but fortunately not always, a couple of globals have occurred. The first couple of waves are the best for racking up the iron Challenge kills but it is more of a challenge to complete it so I do tend to do this unless the loot is truly dire!

I have renamed the society again, I will settle on a name eventually, as I am the only member on-line at the moment (although Karl was on today, I did not get a response from him, maybe he left? I’ll check.), I decided on “Solitary Confinement” as the current name, it suits the situation.

There is something on auction by which I am sorely tempted, I must restrain myself however as it is quite heavily overpriced. I am sure one will turn up at a reasonable price, all I have to do is be patient.

I have updated my mentor information as I think I am ready to take on another disciple, I entered quite a lot of information, it is a pity that when this is read the box has little height resulting in it being a struggle to scroll through it. I have been looking for suitable candidates so far with little success, although I have met one person I would consider taking on, they do not seem interested and I do not want to push.




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