Log Entry 17-09-12

I have visited the Daikiba Stampede at Icarus many times, on one occasion someone (OMG) was already partway through the first wave. I asked if I could join and was told I was welcome. Together we went through the next 3 waves with the Philosopher’s Sword expiring toward the end of the wave 4, loot was good so I drew the Despair and continued. OMG left at the end of wave 4 but someone else joined (l do not recall the name) and together we despatched wave 5. The repair cost was high, it always is when using the Despair but the loot more than covered it.

I passed the 3k mark on Wednesday (12-09-12), I also got the blade to level 0.9 and promptly upgraded it to 1.0 adding some accuracy enhancers, on trying it I did notice more criticals so I’m quite pleased. I am still trying to get the TT blade to 0.9, I know I have had it since I started but I have not had much call to use it since the whole enhancer thing kicked in so it has only recently seen the light of day. I am also trying to get the Despair to 2.9, it has been at 2.8 for a long while now.

I have also visited the Wave Event at Cape Corinth, this is a much tougher challenge with wave 5 consisting of 5 Kirakiba, I normally bale when the Philosopher’s Sword expires (end of wave 3 – beginning of wave 4) but on Thursday evening I was joined by another and together we went through to the end with me relying on the Despair, I was at a distinct disadvantage as I was not prepared and had no armour on, I had to revive and TP 3 times to get to the end, fortunately the other chap was well armoured and had a powerful pistol.

Going back to the TT blade, I have started using it to despatch both young and mature Shinkiba and Daikiba, this has given me more use of the Philosopher’s Sword on the tougher maturities and increased the number I am despatching on each run.

Saturday the 15th and I passed the 4k mark whilst completing the Icarus wave event, completing it turned out to be a poor decision, the loss while not horrific was definitely one of the worst, it had been going quite well while using the Philosopher’s Sword and the TT shortblade, and the decision to continue was based upon this, however it went downhill after drawing the Despair, I should have stopped but I just kept going, I’ll never learn.

Over the weekend I got the TT blade to tier 1 and the Despair to tier 3, the latter giving me a boring HoF. On Sunday night I passed the 5k mark in the Shinkiba quest. Half way done!

I have noticed in particular this week that Noobs do some funny things, I guess they are just experimenting I remember doing daft stuff myself. On one occasion this week while I was dealing with Daikiba at the Icarus wave event one ran in and attacked a Daik, he soon realised he was no match for it, did he run away? thank fully no instead he ran around the wave event area and eventually ran in circles around me by which time he was being chased by at least 6 Daik, needless to say he died but it gave me a slight problem as I had to deal with them all going for me. At least he didn’t drag them away, that can be frustrating, it is not always possible to find them and finish the wave thus bringing the event to a close.

On another occasion in the same location, one stood upon the ridge that surrounds the wave event area and shot some explosive projectiles at the Daik, bunches of them split off and raced toward him, some scaled the ridge and totalled him, I had to pick the Daik out of a very tight group and then leave the event area to track down those who had escaped. All quite amusing really, watching Noobs die :-). That gives me an idea, maybe I can arrange an event based around this, I will have to have a think.

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