Log Entry 04-09-12. 1k in a day (almost).

I would not normally write another entry so soon unless of course something exceptional has occurred. I am not sure if what has occurred is exceptional or just sad, you can decide that for yourselves. As of the end of 04-09-12, just one day after starting the 10K Shinkiba challenge I have killed 967, I know that is really close to the 1k in a day mark but I just could not keep going, fatigue and lateness got the better of me. I will be trying for 1k in a day sometime soon though.

Whilst I am here though, I should say I have changed my tactics a little. I noticed that quite often the Philosopher’s Sword would almost kill a Shinkiba meaning that another blow would be largely wasted, so I am now switching to the TT shortblade to complete the coup de grace, this should save me a little PED and it definitely means I can kill a few more in one foray.

I have been using the various wave event areas in order to get a lot in a short time including the Daikiba (it seems Daikiba count) area near the new Camp Icarus. I have also used Shinkiba fight club at Chug’s and the wave event area near to Corinth as well as trying to hold the hill west of Twin. So far I have not done particularly well financially but that could change, I can hope!

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