Log Entry 02-09-12

Shinkiba Iron Challenge

Following my previous post I have been going after the Shikiba as often as I can. I am now less than 50 short of completing the 5000 challenge and seem to be getting about 100 with each repair of the sword, it is quite dull in some ways but I am intending on accepting the 10K challenge once this one is complete. I have found the event area West of Twin Peaks to be very useful, it lets me kill a lot of them in a very short time, so far I have made it into round 5 using only the sword and no armour. I do get tired of hitting the little mobs even though they are the best ones to notch up the numbers, when this happens I wander down to the plains were there is a herd of Shared Loot Shinkiba, Alpha, Old Alpha and higher and take out a few of these.

Team Hunting

Today Wolta an myself went team hunting, I think the last time we did that was when we were on Arkadia and we took on the Nusul, that was back in April! Today we started at Nea’s, Ambulimax were looking promising but our results were very poor and after 500 rounds with the P5a we decided not to continue. After a short break we headed over to visit the Longu near Rei’s Defence. We did significantly better here and after 1000 rounds plus looted ammo came away with only a very small deficit. Wolta was kind enough to sell me a few Longu skin at TT value, have I mentioned I like Longu skin? This will go towards my next garment/object. The team hunting was a lot of fun, it is something I do not do often enough so I am planning on trying to manage at least one each week.

The Philosopher’s Sword

I have now had the opportunity to test this against several mobs, it did struggle against the Ambulimax, Low end Longu and Argonauts were no problem at all. It will also do some of the larger Shinkiba (Prowlers included) but it’s a bit of a struggle without armour. I have to say I really like this weapon and suspect I will be making a lot of use of it and not just against the Shinkiba, I will consider purchasing it’s bigger brother (Archeron’s Sword) when the time comes. It seems I was wrong about being in the SIB band as having reached the next level I am still getting the bonus.


Only managed one this week, 58 Ped from an Estophyl on Monday the 27th. That was before I started spending so much time on the tiny mobs. Not that it would have made much difference, I have been struggling a bit of late.


When writing my About Me section I decided I should make more effort to chat with people on my FL, to this end I did contact MegaVolt and we had a bit of a catch up chat, it was nice to do so and I am planning on catching up with many on my FL who I do not habitually chat with.


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