A change of direction

Okay well I have to say I am quite excited. I decided I should try to complete the Shinkiba 5000 iron challenge. I was already a good way through it having managed to kill 4,119 quite some time ago, the last 900 should not be too much of a problem.

This however is not the cause of my excitement, no,  for me the excitement comes from having decided to do this with a blade. Now ideally this would be a shortblade but after looking on the auction I decided to buy a Philosopher’s Sword instead. I had good reasons for this decision first my swordsman skills are not as good as my shortblade or my pistol skills so this seems like a good opportunity to do something about that and even things up a bit. Secondly, the Philosopher’s Sword is unlimited but has SIB I have already mastered the damage skill but was at just the right level to gain the hit skill bonus, at least for just one level. Thirdly, I would not be looking for another blade after a few hunts, that can be a real pain.

I spawn the Bad Moon Rising in Twin Peaks and bounce West, landing as soon as I spot some Shinkiba. The sword proves its self time and again, loot is poor but my skills are racing up. A big smile slowly emerges across my face. I have a blade in my hand for the first time in a long while and I am going through the Shinkiba like, well like a hot knife through Shinkiba!

My hunt comes to an end earlier than expected, the sword fails when it has decayed just half of its value. I should have expected it, I was just excited, I ‘T’ to the nearest revive and calculate my returns. Not so impressive only a 28% return however they are a small mob and the blade had only used 33 PED. I had to go out again and I did better, I found some old alpha and one of these gave a decent loot. The blade does not last very long against the bigger mobs but on my return I find I have a 172% return, and over both hunts I am + 2PED :).

I have  to take a break at this point, my sword/knife arm is not what it used to be, I am going to need some exercise.

Upon my return I continue with the Shinkiba, this time I’m down about 2PED giving an overall – 0.03PED, I did get full TT power glove and some pixie armour parts the MU of which should easily cover the deficit, a good evening for me.

Each hunt takes about 25 minutes, I am 201 Shinkiba nearer to my goal and my Swordsman hit skill has gone from lvl 18 43% to lvl 18 90%. Plus the big bonus, this is melee :).


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